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Oregon Outdoor Sports has everything you need from planning the trip to the equipment for making it happen.

Backpacking Trips

Explore the trails and enjoy being with nature.  Sleep under the stars and see something new.  Contact us for information on where to go and what to see.

Beautiful Sailing Adventure

Get a private lesson, or hire a guide to take you and someone special on a romantic getaway.  Catch the sunset and get some amazing pics!

We encourage flying! Contact us for more info.

We don’t provide flight services directly, but contact us for info about the local airports, flight schools and beginning your own adventure in aviation!

Getting people outdoors is our mission, our goal, and our passion

We handle the details—so you can have fun in the world’s most amazing places.

Take The Canoe Adventure

If you want to see something breathtaking, then take the canoe adventure!

Go Scuba Diving In The High Lakes Of Oregon

Explore the amazing life of these lakes and discover beauty that not many ever see.

Snowmobile With A Guide

The guide will help you with every step along the way

Backpack into high lakes and enjoy nature!

You will be ensured an epic adventure

Get a private lesson or hire a guide to take you and someone special on a romantic getaway

Private or group lessons available

Want to learn something new?

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